My name is Michael Itzoe, and this is my stuff. This website represents the results of my creative endeavors: writing, cartooning, music and software development.

This site is constantly in motion. If you run across any errors, please let me know so I can get them fixed. Thanks and enjoy.

My wife treed a squirrel (sort of)
Squirrel! If you've seen Pixar's Up, then you probably remember the running squirrel! gag. Somehow, this became a thing with our dogs. Any utterance of "squirrel" causes them to, well, freak out. (It also works with "girl" and "curl", by the way.)
It's best to start at the beginning
You may have noticed some changes. For one, if you're reading this then, well, obviously I finally brought the Michael Andrew site back after far too long. Second, as I mentioned once before I redesigned the site to integrate into the overall larger Itzoe.net site as was originally intended.
Cookbook for Windows Phone updated to version 3.0
Cookbook has been updated to the all-new version 3.0 for Windows Phone 8. This includes a new look and feel, shopping lists, timers, and more. Click here for more information.