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Being sick really sucks

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So once again here it is a couple weeks since the last post, and I come limping back with my tail between my legs. So many things I was going to post about, too: how the HLC is actually the fulfillment of apocalyptic prophesy, Ike's post-storm fury, how apocalyptic prophesy will probably be fulfilled by the downfall of the western financial industry, the dog's new "toy." Instead it ends up being much more mundane.

I'm sick.

As anyone who's ever been sick knows, being sick sucks. I mean, it really sucks. Like stubbing your toe in the dark suck (which, incidentally, happened to me tonight). Like your head expanding like a balloon yet simultaneously being compressed in some sort of bizarre physics experiment that I can't possibly begin to comprehend but smarties like Stephen Hawking can wax poetic about in their sleep suck. (Yeah, that, too.) Sucking so bad you almost wish you could take everyone down with you except you remember eventually you'll be better but then they'll be sick and, well, payback's a bitch so you actually have to make some sort of half-assed attempt at not being a total douche but it still sucks so there — that kind of suck.

I've got some sort of sinus infection which is causing the exploding/contracting head thing, which is good for a constant headache plus a side of sinus pressure right behind the nose. And don't forget the stopped/runny nose which is probably one of nature's cruelest paradoxes because, no matter how hard you try, you can't blow or suck all that snot that's endlessly running from your nostril. Thus far I've been fortunate enough not to run a fever, but I have been a little achy in the joints, which also equates to a minor amount of suckage. Worst of all are the circumstances at work which prevent me from being able to stay home and in bed, so the whole thing will probably linger a lot longer than it otherwise would like a bad fart in church. In the meantime, I haven't found an OTC yet that works for me (but I will give props to the Riccola cough drops).

So, yeah, I'm sick and it sucks, and there's really nothing I can do about it. No wonder sick people are always grumpy. Hmph.

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