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A tough Hobbit to break

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've written before how much I enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth, so it was with not a small amount of glee that I saw the upcoming Hobbit films are going to be directed by Pan's Guillermo del Toro. And Ian McKellan will be reprising his role as Gandalf.

Admittedly, the Lord Of The Rings films are about as spectacular as cinema gets. Watching them, I inwardly hoped director Peter Jackson would make The Hobbit as well. I was overjoyed when it was announce that Jackson was, indeed, interested in making the prequel. Then I was dismayed when legal wrangling over rights and whatever else it is Hollywood likes to fight over put the project in jeopardy. I was further disappointed to learn that, even though everything had been worked out and the project had been greenlit, that Jackson was not going to direct.

What? That shouldn't be. Rings was Jackson's vision and masterpiece. How could he pass the reins to something on which he indelibly left his mark. Woe.

But having found out del Toro will be picking up the mantle for The Hobbit (which, incidentally, will be split into two films), there was definitely a sense of relief. For me, Pan's Labyrinth is by far one of the most imaginative and well-crafted films made, and for sheer spectacle and entertainment rates with the Rings, Star Wars and The Matrix films. Outside of perhaps Spielberg, I can't think of anyone better capable to continue the epic saga of Tolkien's world.

Kudos to del Toro and Jackson. I eagerly await this experience.