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Get it while it's — splat!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Get it while it's - splat! Last night we took the kids to what is arguably our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. And it's our favorite not just for the food, because there always seems to be a wealth of signs and other sights that just begged to be photographed. Sadly, nine times out of ten we go there, we don't take the camera. (Good Lord! Do we really go there that often?!)

The latest such sign to go up is for the "claim soup." Or maybe it's an instruction to get your share before it's gone. I dunno, but man I do love Engrish! (Sorry for the poor quality, the lighting screwed with the flash, so I had to adjust it just so the sign would be legible.)

And speaking of signs, this may be an indication it's time to stop eating there.