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I did a lot this morning, and sucked at all of it

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The missus took our oldest to work with her this morning, so that left me to entertain the younger. I chose to take him to the Y because, basically, it's already paid for.

We started with basketball. I sucked at it. You'd think I'd be better, given I generally play once a week anyway, but no, today was not my day. Okay, to be honest, the reason I play in the first place is because I get my exercise just from chasing after the ball. There, I said it. So today was no different. It was a good workout, no doubt, but I still sucked. It was only mitigated a teensy bit when he asked me if I played on the IU team. Um, no, but thanks for asking.

AFter that, we moved to the youth lounge, where I figured he could play video games while I went and showered. What I didn't count on was the big beautiful pool table. Well, of course I just had to play. And I sucked at it. I don't think I've played pool since I spend Spring Break with my aunt and uncle back in high school. (The same Spring Break I got my driver's license in Berne, but that's another story.) They had a pool table in the basement, but I'm pretty sure I haven't played in any subsequent visits. Our grandparents also had a pool table, but before they got rid of it I was young enough that pool to me was that activity where my fingers got smashed and we rammed the cues into the ceiling tiles.

Then we moved on to the Wii. I've played very little Wii, so just trying to figure out the controls was a challenge in itself. Tennis wasn't so bad, but bowling was frustrating. (Although I did get the only strike of the game.) We also tried Golf, but I didn't like it. My first shot landed in the bunker. Game over.

So it was good morning in that I at least got some exercise and did some activities I don't normally do. But I sucked at all of them.