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Friday, February 8, 2008

What is one to do when one has promised the children a certain something, yet in the end one just doesn't feel well enough to follow through? Why, bribe them, of course.

We have a children's museum here in town. Granted, it's not going to leave the Indianapolis Children's Museum quaking in it's considerable dinosaur tracks, but it isn't bad for what it is. What is bad for what it is (relatively speaking) is that it has a "water play" room and it's been built into an old downtown building with three flights of stairs.

On the first Thursday of every month, admission is free. Of course, the kids look forward to this, even though we haven't made an effort to go since, like, October. And, without giving it much due diligence and thought, we agreed to take them last night. More surprising was the fact my brother agreed to go with us. So we went out for pizza, and also planned to stop at the dollar store before going.

Have I mentioned lately I've been sick? And so's my wife? And so's my brother? So does it bear mentioning that none of us (us adults, that is) was in much of a mood to go tramping up and down stairs for a couple hours?

On a whim, the wife offered the kids a dollar each to spend at the dollar store if we didn't have to go to the museum. To our surprise, they accepted. I was half-tempted to offer them fifty cents each to use in the pizza arcade right there, just to save myself a buck-fifty (we actually gave them $1.25 to account for tax).

Still, best two-fifty I've spent in a long time.