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If you can read this, things might be fixed

Saturday, February 21, 2009

When I haven't posted in a while, I usually have some reason or another that in the end boils down to "I've been lazy." For once, that's not the case. As I mentioned before, we've been having issues ever since our host physically moved the server. They've insisted no settings were changed, and none of the fixes they offered have worked. But the coincidence has just been too, well, convenient.

I've been digging through documentation and online forums looking for answers. With any luck, I'm on to something, so the title says it all: if you can read this, things might be fixed. Of course, just because this post is here doesn't necessarily imply all is 100% well, but hopefully I've taken some steps in the right direction. Time will tell.

Edit: Unfortunately, at this point, things aren't 100%. Still, the major errors aren't occuring, and it looks like the worst that happens is the site "forgets" that you're logged in. I'll continue to look into this, but at least what I got so far is better than nuthin'.