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If you won't play, I'll make you play!

Friday, April 16, 2010

If you won't play, I'll make you play! I've introduced Zoe before, our Jack Russell terrier. What I never got around to doing is posting any photos of Lucy, our other Jack Russell. Zoe turns four this year, but Lucy's pushing six months, so very much still a puppy. For the most part, Zoe tolerates Lucy, but I use the term loosely. Most of the time, Zoe can't be bothered.

Generally, when walking the two dogs, Lucy gets it in her little puppy head that it's playtime. Usually, Zoe disagrees. The few times when she does deign to play with Lucy, it's with teeth bared and growling and bristling. Tolerating. Still, that never disuades Lucy. Ah, to be a puppy.

I'm usually slow with my camera, and the action I want to capture is long gone before I have it out and ready. Today I was fortunate enough to get this one. Zoe was not feeling the playtime; Lucy was. So Lucy was grabbing Zoe's leash and tugging on it, try to get Zoe going. Very funny indeed.