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Thursday, June 5, 2008

All right, all right. I guess I've put this off long enough. The dreaded mega-post which, as I write this, probably won't be all that large anyway. Still, I've got several small things and I guess it does make sense to roll them all into one. So here goes.

In no particular order:

No parking We went what we call "yard saling" (yard sales, duh) a couple weekends ago. I snapped this at the first house because I thought it was funny that I was parked in front of a no parking sign. Funny? No. Other incriminating evidence removed? Yes.

Lincoln The missus and I went to the Log Inn in or around Haubstadt for dinner. It's biggest claim to fame is that Abraham Lincoln ate there once in Eighteen Sixty-something. The food was good but not spectacular (well, maybe the mashed potatoes) but there was a real rustic charm about the place. We were fortunate enough to be seated in the Lincoln Room, next to this picture. So I took a picture of the picture.

I'm a rock Just up the street from the Log Inn is a landscaping business that apparently specializes in large concrete garden gnomes. The missus wants the giraffe. I let her have a picture of this rock instead.

ABCs Finally, as we were sitting through the kids' final school program of the year, we were frankly starting to get quite bored. The missus repeatedly tried to snap a photo of a two-year-old with a mohawk, but hyperkinetic two-year-olds don't make ideal photographic studies. She also tried to video him in the hopes of pulling out a still, which probably violates some sort of privacy laws, but really, we only wanted a picture of the mohawk. There was also a middle-aged balding guy with a mullet wearing a motorcycle jacket with iron-on decals of AC/DC and Metallica. And the recorder recital (yikes). But the best (and by best, I mean the levels of boredom we'd sunk to where this was the best) was the kindergarten, whose several (!) songs were to showcase their accomplishments for the school year. And I thought only the kids who still eat their crayons get held back.