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On monsters, aliens and disappointments

Monday, February 2, 2009

First off, any disappointments don't have anything to do with the Super Bowl game itself. I'm neither a Steelers nor a Cardinals fan, and I didn't watch but 45 seconds of the game anyway. (However, what I did witness was the 100-yard interception/touchdown right before half-time. Nice one, James.)

Sometimes I'm interested in the commercials, but more and more I find I don't have to catch them because they'll either end up on YouTube or they're going to fall into heavy rotation anyway. But for this Super Bowl, I didn't watch any of those either.

Well, almost none. Probably the biggest hype of the night in my opinion was the whole "Aliens vs. Monsters-Promo-in-3D-Mega-Spectacular-Super-WOW!-Thingie." Spectacular? No. Disappointing? Yes. Leave it to Dreamworks to hype a movie trailer as the Second Coming; Jeffrey Katzenberg has had a particular bug up his ass since leaving the Disney Company's shadow. But ya know what, Jeff? Yer not Disney, so stop trying to be. (Shrek was a step in the right direction.)

So with the kids in an absoltue tizzy, and with 3D glasses (if you can call them that) in hand, we experience the magic and wonder that is 3D computer animation.


I've already seen some promotional stuff about the movie, so I'm not even interested in commenting on the film (or trailer, for that matter) itself. In fact, for what it's worth, it looks to be entertaining. But the whole 3D thing was, in my opinion, a complete and utter waste of time. There wasn't a whole lot of "3D-ness" to speak of and, given the hype, it seemed like an entirely wasted opportunity. The following SoBe was just as pointless, but then I already thought their dancing lizards was a bit stupid to begin with. But wait! Huzzah! Don't throw those glasses away yet! Be sure to check out "Chuck" in 3D, too! Meh.

3D is a fad that came and went already. Its underwhelming and headache-inducing. Please, Hollywood, enough already. Let it die.