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Sixteen what?!

Monday, June 2, 2008

First, a word on the mega-post: I'm working on it. I have the pictures and I'm in the process of manipulating and uploading them. Then I'll write some words and everyone will be happy.

Now on to the topic at hand. As a parent, it seems nothing should surprise me anymore, but it does. Saturday the missus and I were going over our cable bill when we saw a pay-per-view charge for an independent art-house film with the deeply philosophical title of Sixteen Lesbians without Panties.


Of course, the kids, nine and ten, deny ordering this, and we sure as hell didn't. I wasn't even aware you didn't have to have the passcode to order a movie, let alone something that obviously doesn't have a rating below, say, "You must be a perverted old geezer to view this." Plus, the damn thing was fifteen bucks. Fifteen bucks. (Still, it averages out to about a buck-oh-seven a lesbian.)

So I guess what really pisses me off is I didn't even get a chance to watch it. And I'm out fifteen bucks for it. Damn.