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The plot thickens

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I was only kidding when I titled the last post being about a mystery, but things seem to have spiraled out of control since then.

The intent of the post was only to acknowledge I hadn't posted anything in a while. But in a blur that I can't fully piece together now but believe started with hitting the submit button by accident, the post was saved and closed then reopened as a new post. Weird. I had two posts then, and thought I deleted the right one, but apparently didn't. Now the RSS feed is messed up and will be until the number of posts cycles through to remove the offending article(s), and I'm told comments aren't working on it either. Sheesh.

Still, I decided not to edit the remaining post because, when I look at it, with it's nonsensical title and abruptly cut off wording, it strikes me as a bit humerous. So I'll chalk it up to a big Oops and move on.