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Where does the time go?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time seems to fly by. It seems we spend our childhoods impatiently waiting to grow older, and adulthood futilely trying not to grow old.

It doesn't seem like it was two weeks ago I last posted an entry. I guess there's always enough going on that it keeps me in some semblence of busy, or my perception of busy, to the point where I blink and — blam! — it's two weeks later. In fact, the same thing happened with the comics, where I took a few days off around Memorial Day and next thing I know it's the middle of August. I practically had to make myself start them up again. Yet, ironically, I always miss doing them when I'm not.

(I feel compelled to point out at least I was accurate when I said I was averaging a post every two weeks. Strictly coincidence, I swear!)

I just read yesterday or the day before how, as a kid, everything's a new experience, so there's always something to look forward to. But, as an adult, life is much more mundane and predictable, so it seems to go faster out of a perception of sameness. I read it in a forum, so I don't know now who wrote that, but it's a concept that's stuck with me, and I find it an interesting observation.

So here's another post, three weeks late. Funny thing, I even miss doing these when I'm not. Heh.