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Why I don't like answering machines

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This was submitted by Joe, but let me be clear this is a wrong number, although I'll concede it's possible its a prank call. But if not, the level of insensitivity is staggering.

It's bad enough information like this is left via an answering machine. Really something of this nature is the kind of thing you want to talk to someone in person. If it were me, I'd keep calling back until someone answered; I most certainly would not leave a message, especially one like this. I can see the true recipient, dreadfully waiting, waiting. Waiting. When will that call come? Oh, it won't, because this dolt didn't talk to someone to tell her she has a wrong number.

I don't know if this woman is a nurse or some kind of administrative assistant or volunteer or what, but either she's been doing this so long the nature of the news she has to deliver doesn't get to her, or she's so naive that she doesn't understand the gravity of the message and its implications for its recipient. The chipper nature of her delivery is both appalling and morbidly funny. Buh-bye, indeed.

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