Cutting the cheese since 1996
Michael Andrew Itzoe


From the Michael Andrew album Whispers
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


I wrote "Carless" mainly because I was going through this phase where anything ending in "-less" fascinated me. Billy Joel did "Shameless," the Neville Brothers did "Helpless." That was when I wrote a song called "Timeless," too. "Careless" was originally intended for just paino, vocal and clarinet, but I ended up using strings because, admittedly, the clarinet setting on the little keyboard I was using sounded like crap.


I was careless
And I had to let you go
I couldn't see it
But I just had to let you know that I
Didn't mean a word I said
And if I hurt you
Then I'll take it back instead
I was wrong, and I was careless

You should know that we tried so hard to be
We cared so much and yet we never knew
But we played our fate, and we learned too late
What a little mindlessness can do
I was wrong, and I was careless

I was careless
And I didn't play the part
And now I'm helpless
All I've got is a broken heart tonight
And I'm feeling all alone
But I was careless
So the blame is all my own
I was wrong, and I was careless