Cutting the cheese since 1996
Michael Andrew Itzoe

Play It Again

From the Michael Andrew album Play It Again
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


I wrote "Play It Again" mainly because I got this "Play it again, Sam..." idea in my head. So this suggested to me these images of a guy sitting in this bar. He's miserable because the woman he loves has left him after he's let her down, and he's going nuts. He can't eat, he can't sleep, he can't think. So here he is, sitting in this bar, listening to the piano player, feeling sorry for himself. He's got his warm drink that he's been nursing all night, and when the piano player plays this song that really gets this guy, he asks him to play it again. So that's basically what it's about.


Play it again
I want to hear a sad song
Play it again

I've been alone
I didn't mean to do her wrong
So play it again

Sitting on a stool
Humming right along
Feeling like a fool
And thinking of our song

So play it again
I want to hear the music
Yeah, play it again

Holding my warm drink
Knowing I was wrong
Finding I can't think
Or remember our song

So play it again
I want to hear a sad song
Just one more time

'Cause I've been alone
And it's been far too long
So won't you play it again
Play it one more time for me