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She Is A Woman
Michael Andrew Itzoe

She Is A Woman

From the Michael Andrew album Michael Andrew
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


I wrote this back in late '93 or early '94. It was intended as this power ballad thing, but when I recorded that way, it just didn't work. I tried the other end of the spectrum with just me and piano, and that didn't quite work either; a recorded piano just doesn't do it justice (as opposed to how it sounds live). So I compromised and completed it in it's present configuration, but I still prefer to play it with just me and the grand.


Released October 21, 1997
b/w Every Boy (Needs A Girl)


She is a woman who loves me like I love her
She is a woman, and that's all I can ask of her
Butterflies make it hard for me to say
Cloudly skies never rain on our parade
She has laid her heart on the line
She has put her faith in me

She is a woman, she sings to me like a bluebird
She is a woman, beautiful beyond all words
Paradise when her lips are close to mine
Sunny skies chase away the tears inside
I can't hide the love that I feel
She has put her faith in me

I can see the fire in her eyes
She fits the lock and she turns the key
I can see the fire in her eyes
I can see that she's in love with me

She is a woman, I could never do her wrong
She is a woman, my love for her is clear and strong
Butterflies make me want to make her proud
Starry skies sparkle in her eyes somehow
And I vow I won't let her down
She has put her faith in me
And forever she will be a woman