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Until I Met You
Michael Andrew Itzoe

Until I Met You

From the Michael Andrew album Four Play
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


I wrote the first two lines, then got stuck. I kept coming back to it for about two months, and I knew the those two lines just felt right, but I couldn't get past them. I was playing around one day and threw in some odd chords for fun, but they seemed to click and musically the song fell into place. After that the lyrics weren't too difficult to complete.


Released September 15, 1998
b/w Until My Ship Comes In


All I've got to do is look into your eyes
There I see my future, I see my paradise
Now look me in the eye, tell me what you see
I'll tell you what I'm feeling when you look at me
There's a light that's shining
It's leading the way

I couldn't face another day
Until I met you
I almost threw it all away
Until I met you
One was so much lonelier than two
Until I met you

All I have to do is think about your smile
And I can find my strength to go that extra mile
Now hold me in your arms, whisper in my ear
Forget about tomorrow, tonight I've got you here
A weight has been lifted
Now I'm walking on air

I was lost in my despair
Until I met you
I didn't want to care
Until I met you
I was feeling more than a little blue
Until I met you

What does it take to mend a heart
About to break from crying
What does it mean to fall apart
To keep a dream from dying

All you had to do was take me by the hand
Open up my eyes and help me understand
All I have to do is look into your eyes
There I see the reasons that make me realize
That you have opened up the door
Take a breath and let it in

I didn't know where to begin
Until I met you
I was drowing in an ocean
Until I met you
I was giving in to my lonely view
Until I met you