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Zoo Tycoon 2: Run! Run, you will, child!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Zoo Tycoon 2: Run! Run, you will, child! Now this is why I created this section, for those wacky times when something utterly ridiculous happens completely out of the blue. For instance, I was building the lion enclosure, and noticed this kid running haphazardly through it.

I did not do this. I did not pick this girl up and drop her here. For that matter, I have absolutely no idea how she ended up running through what a few moments before was a grassy field, when I thought peeps by their very nature — um, programming — stay on the paths. But there she was, a tasty snack in waiting.

Fortunately for her (or would be fortunate if she weren't some random assembly of bits and bytes), I was building while in pause mode. Actually, it's more fortunate for the lions, because experience tells me (from the time I tried to feed a snotty brat to Lyle) that when a peeps ends up in an enclosure, the animal(s) get(s) caged. No better way to stress out your lions.

Still, it struck me as humourous to see this girl apparently running for her life. Ah, tis good to be the king (of beasts).

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