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A metamorphical update

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Don't mind this post, its just a sad commentary on my inability to maintain Metamorpheus in anything even remotely resembling a timely manner.

See, my original intention was to post here whenever I was a participant in that pop cultural revolution known as mass commercialism. But, my personal credo was to limit myself to new experiences, not rehashing old glories. So, for instance, I can post anytime I see a new movie (new to me, anyway), but not after, say, watching The Empire Strikes Back for the forty-ninth time, unless I actually have some new insight I feel compelled to share. (Spoiler alert: Vader is Luke's father! Gasp!)

I like to think of myself as a fairly knowledgable guy, pop culture-wise. The wife and I like to play Trivial Pursuit: The Pop Culture Edition (mashed-up with Trivia Pursuit: Tye Pop Culture Edition 2... we're such adrenaline junkies), and I like it. But I realize, these games are all of pop culture from the last thirty to forty years. But short of Britney, Lindsay and Paris, I really have no clue what's going on anymore.

And so, judging by the fact that my last Metamorpheus post (legitimate one that is -- I guilted myself into putting that Thanksgiving one here even though it rightly deserves to be in Journie or even Identitie) was early September, I now know that's the last time I watched a movie I hadn't seen before.

I don't watch much TV anymore, which is ironic because we have a DVR now (which I have absolutely no clue how to operate, mostly because I can't be bothered) and I almost never go to the theater. So I guess there's little fodder there. Plus, after the events of last month, I've just not been doing much except work, really.

So having said all that, I will make a plug for my new favorite show: "Pushing Daisies." Its a wonderful dark comedy made with the visual carnival of a Tim Burton (his style, that is, he has nothing to do with it) and the witty rapid-fire dialog of Gilmore Girls or Ally McBeal. If you haven't been watching "Pushing Daisies," shame on you. Now you'll have to wait for the DVD release, because it's a serial and they really need to be watched in order from the beginning. But what a joy this show is, and I highly recommend it to anyone. (It's even safe for the kiddies!)

There. A Metamorpheus post. Hazzah!