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In Your Eyes
Michael Andrew Itzoe

In Your Eyes

From the Michael Andrew album Play It Again
Words and music by Michael Andrew Itzoe


In Your Eyes features my good friend Rebecca Rennard. When the second album came around I knew I wanted to do a duet, so I began in earnest to write a song that could be performed with two voices. In the meantime, I campaigned to convince Becky to sing it with me, and I finally managed to bring her around to listen to the demo and get familiar with the song. Ironically, it was on Valentine's Day that she came back and we laid down the vocal tracks. A beautiful song to me. I think it's my strongest to date. I'm extremely pleased with the recording.


Released May 04, 1993
b/w Play It Again

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In your eyes
The world is only you and I
From tonight until forever
We'll be together, just you and me

In your arms
No one can do me any harm
I have never felt this way before
Because you're all that I see
When I look into your eyes

In your eyes
The two of us learn to fly
From our hearts flows the power
Like a flower grows from a seed

In my life
I have never felt a love so right
And now nothing matters anymore
Because now you're all that I need
When I look into your eyes

And tomorrow will never come
As long as we have tonight
And tonight will last as long as forever
And I can see forever in your eyes

In your eyes I can see
Everything you mean to me
In your eyes I can see
Everything a love should be
In your eyes I can see
How I love you when I look
How I love you when I look
How I love you when I look
In your eyes