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Off The Wall

Et cetera, etc.

The artist in a rare moment of repose.

I know what you're thinking, you filthy bugger.

Okay. So I'm back. Off The Wall returns. Again. And again. And again. I'm kind of like a bad penny.

Hopefully, one or two of you out there remember this. And hopefully, even a small percentage of those are actually pleased to see this thing (yet) again. And the rest of you are probably closing your eyes, shaking your head, and groaning. Good.

Anyway, in case you've never seen any of this before, here it is. Yet another Far Side clone. Why in the world did we need another one of these, for Pete's sake? This is another Far Side clone, isn't it?

Well, yes and no.

This thing started as an office joke. Every couple days I drew a wacky little comic and hung it up in the office. Soon I was doing one every day. It got to the point, in fact, where my co-workers would tie me to a chair and threaten to make me watch Dawson's Creek Glee American Idol reruns if I missed a day. So finally I decided, "Hey, I really like cheese. And I really don't like Dawson's Creek Glee American Idol (I mean, can you blame me?). And if I'm going to do these things, I may as well do them right."

So there. (And "right," of course, being a highly subjective term.)

Yes, The Far Side is definitely an influence here. But then again, I'm sure the socio-economic ramifications of the post-Cold War trade deficit between Canada and the South Pacific island nation of Nauru as a result of political inflamation in the Middle East probably had an influence, too. Or maybe it was the cheese.

I've been drawing as long as I can remember. I've been drawing cartoons at least since I was six (my earliest known comic still in existence dates from 1781), but I only started doing this brand of humor — Far Side clone stuff — a couple weeks before going online. That's probably why you won't see me doing many cows.

So anyway, since this whole affair started as crudely drawn comics pinned to an office wall, the obvious name to give it (after Another Pointless Far Side Clone, of course) was Off The Wall. Cheese sticks to the wall if you throw it hard enough, by the way.

Now that I've gotten myself into this mess (who needs a deadline when you're not getting paid for it?), there's nothing left to do but to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Don't be offended. And if you are, these were actually drawn by some guy named Gary Larson. (If you're reading this, Mr. Larson, I'm only kidding. Honest. Please don't sue me.)

And I still know what you're thinking. I'll bring the cheese.

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